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Ohio History Connection
Description: Cruiser wore this ornamental harness when John Solomon Rarey exhibited the horse before an audience. It measures 10 by 35 inches (25.5 by 80.9 cm), and is decorated with fringe with small brass seed beads. In what was perhaps the most famous of Rarey's demonstrations, he tamed a vicious horse named Cruiser in three hours. Rarey was given the horse as a reward for his skill. He then went on to exhibit Cruiser and his techniques throughout the U.S. and Europe. Rarey (1827-1866), a native of Groveport, Ohio, gained international fame using kindness, firmness and patience to train previously unmanageable horses. His innovative methods captured international attention and secured him invitations to tour Europe, Canada and Russia. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Plants and Animals; Horses; Horses--Training; Rarey, John Solomon, 1827-1866; Harnesses
Places: Groveport (Ohio); Franklin County (Ohio)