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Description: This allegorical illustration depicts the imminent, irrevocable transformation of Ohio‘s physical and cultural landscape. Rifle in hand, a lone American Indian man kneels underneath a sheltering tree as he peers into a future that includes settlers, mechanized transportation, manufacturing, and the rise of cities. Together with a verse by John James Piatt, the illustration appears on the first page of the introduction to “The Biographical Cyclopedia and Portrait Gallery of Distinguished Men, with an Historical Sketch, of the State of Ohio, Vol. 1,” edited by J. Fletcher Brennan (Cincinnati: John C. Yorston & Company, 1880). The image is inscribed with the name of the engraving firm, Andrew & Filmer, and the section title, “Introduction.” View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: AL04491
Subjects: American Indians in Ohio; Ohio History--Settlement and Early Statehood; Piatt, John James, 1835-1917; Land settlement--Ohio
Places: Northwest Territory; Ohio