'Vote the Republican Ticket!' political campaign poster   Save
Oversize Manuscript/Audiovisual Materials
Description: This poster encouraged people to vote for Republican political candidates in 1932. An elephant with a red G.O.P. blanket over its body is pictured pushing a truck with "U.S. & CO." on its side up a hill near farmland, where a man raises his hat and waves. A small donkey can be seen running away from the truck and elephant. The large slogan reads "It's an Elephants Job - No Time for Donkey-Business!" in blank across the upper right corner. The words "Vote the Republican Ticket!" are printed in bright red ink along the bottom of the poster. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: AL05245
Subjects: Political parties; Ohio History--Presidents and Politics; Republican Party; Political posters
Places: Oversize Manuscript/Audiovisual Materials