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Description: Map of the State of Ohio 1807 by John Mansfield. Caption in the lower right-hand corner reads: "Map of the State of Ohio taken from the returns in the office of the Surveyor General by John F. Mansfield." The U.S. Surveyor General at the time was Jared Mansfield (1759-1830), a mathematician and surveyor whose book "Essays, Mathematical and Physical" so impressed Thomas Jefferson that the president appointed him to the inaugural faculty of West Point (1802) and in 1803 as Surveyor General, a post he held until 1812. Mansfield's assignment was to "survey Ohio and lands north of the Ohio, River." Later the scope of his assignment also included Indiana Territory and Illinois Territory. Mansfield applied the principles of scientific surveying to his work, thus laying the groundwork for future land surveys conducted during the nation's expansion. John F. Mansfield, the map's creator, possibly may be John Fenno Mansfield, the surveyor general's nephew who was noted for his scientific ability and who died during the War of 1812. The city of Mansfield, Ohio, is named after Jared Mansfield. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Maps--Midwest--Ohio; Historical map; Map drawing; Ohio History--Settlement and Early Statehood
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