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Description: Cartoonist Billy Ireland drew this self-caricature, which was from "Accountants Reports and Exhibits," a publication of the American Association of Public Accountants for a meeting held in St. Paul, Minnesota, in October 1907. Ireland portrays himself as an impish figure wearing a plaid suit and a bowler hat, smoking a cigar, and having a pencil tucked behind his left ear. He's carrying a large bottle of ink in his right hand, a briefcase in the other hand, and a large cartoon tucked under his left arm. The briefcase bears a sign that reads: "'Billie Ireland' Official Cartoonist of 'The Ohio Society' 'Meet Me in St. Paul.'" A sign labeled "To St. Paul" is posted next to the railroad tracks down which Ireland is walking. William Addison "Billy" Ireland was born in 1880 in Chillicothe, Ohio. A self-taught artist, Ireland was hired after high school graduation by the "Columbus Dispatch" and spent his entire career with that newspaper until his death on May 29, 1935. Ireland drew editorial cartoons, but he is best known for "The Passing Show," a full-page cartoon strip published in the Sunday edition of the "Dispatch." View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Cultural Ohio--Art and Artists; Cartoons (Commentary)--1900-1910; Cartoonists; Ireland, Billy, 1880-1935
Places: Columbus (Ohio); Franklin County (Ohio)