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Description: This illustration is from a self-instruction guide on the art of hairwork written and published by entrepreneur Mark Campbell in 1867. Entitled "Braiding Table and Position in Braiding," the illustration shows a bearded man seated behind a three-legged braiding table. He is holding several strands of hair, each weighted by a bobbin, that are attached to the table. The illustration is from the book "Self-instructor in the Art of Hair Work, Dressing Hair, Making Curls, Switches, Braids, and Hair Jewelry of Every Description / Compiled from Original Designs and the Latest Parisian Patterns" by Mark Campbell. The author published later editions of this book. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: AL05852
Subjects: Cultural Ohio--Art and Artists; Hairdressing; Hairdressing--History; Self-instruction
Places: New York (New York)