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Description: Trade label from the stevengraph image " The Good Old Days," was manufactured by the Thomas Stevens Company, Coventry, England. The label includes an image of the Stevens factory and a row of medals. A handwritten notation in the upper left corner reads: "From Annette P. Ward, Oct. 1913." Thomas Stevens, a Coventry weaver, invented the woven-silk pictures he called “stevengraphs.” These images were made using a jacquard loom in which mechanically operated devices wove intricate, three-dimensional patterns in silk. The image actually was part of the fabric (as opposed to being painted or dyed on the surface). The printed trade label pasted on the back of a stevengraph helps to identify the age of the piece and the authenticity of the subject. Stevengraph labels list subjects for sale; prize medals and diplomas awarded to Thomas Stevens; the company's address; and trade marks used by the company. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: AL05915
Subjects: Labels--Catalogs; Stevengraph pure silk woven pictures; Jacquard weaving; Stevens, Thomas, 1828-1888; Decorative arts
Places: Coventry (England)