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Civil War - Morgan's Raid
Description: Pictured is an engraving of Morgan's Raid into Washington, Ohio. On July 8, 1863 Confederate Brigadier General John Hunt Morgan lead approximately 1,400 calvarymen on a 13 day raid through southern and eastern Ohio. At the Battle of Buffington Island, 750 men were captured and 300 escaped across the Ohio River. Morgan and 400 men headed north after the battle and were captured in Columbiana County, Ohio. Morgan's Raid was the only major attack by Confederate forces on the State of Ohio during the American Civil War. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: AL06000
Subjects: Ohio History--Military Ohio; Civil War 1861-1865; Morgan's Ohio Raid, 1863; Generals--United States; Battle of Buffington Island
Places: Washington (Ohio); Fayette County (Ohio)