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William L. Dawson
Description: Drawing of herons alighting on piles in Okanogen County, Washington, by William L. Dawson. This pen-and-ink sketch of two herons includes the handwritten caption "Herons alighting on piles (see text)." Dawson was an ornithologist and author of "The Birds of Ohio" (Columbus: Wheaton Publishing Company, 1903); "Birds of Washington" (Seattle: The Occidental Publishing Col, 1909), and "The Birds of California" ( San Diego: South Moulton Co., 1923, 4 vol.). Dawson was an alumnus of Oberlin College (1897, 1903) and Oberlin Theological Seminary (1899). He was an ordained minister who served as pastor of North Church, Columbus, Ohio, from 1900 to 1902. Circa 1904 he moved to Washington State, and later moved to California (1911?), where he was a co-founder and the director of the International Museum of Comparative Oology, Santa Barbara (now the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History). Dawson founded Wheaton Publishing Co. (Columbus), Occidental Publishing Co. (Seattle), and Birds of California Publishing Company (Santa Barbara). View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Dawson, William Leon, 1873-1928; Ornithologists; Ornithological illustration; Natural history illustration
Places: Okanogen County (Washington)