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Description: This photograph is a view of the Toledo Zoo’s amphitheater, one of several buildings constructed at the zoo between 1934 and 1937 under the auspices of the Works Progress Administration. The amphitheater was dedicated in 1936. In this photograph, musicians are seated on chairs in front of the stage, and a conductor is standing on a raised platform in the middle of the group. The orchestra is practicing for a Toledo Civic Light Opera Production. Professional light opera productions were held at this amphitheater from 1939 to 1947. A few people are seen standing on the stage, which has scenery in place, and walking or sitting on the grounds in front of the musicians. A small cluster of people are visible in the raked seating area. Stage lighting sits atop a metal tower in the foreground. The amphitheater's architecture resembles the Mission Revival style, with curved lines, copper dome towers, and tile roof. Like other WPA-era buildings at the zoo, the amphitheater incorporated materials from demolished structures in the area: stone, wood, timber, and copper. The large stone blocks bordering the huge arch are from locks of the former Miami and Erie Canal. The other buildings erected by the WPA are the zoo's aquarium, reptile house, museum, and aviary. All of the WPA buildings, including the amphitheater, are still in use. The Toledo Zoo was founded in 1900. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Toledo Zoo (Toledo, Ohio); Amphitheaters; Zoos; Toledo (Ohio); Animals
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