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Works Progress Administration, Ohio Guide Photographs
Description: This photograph shows the Museum of Science building at the Toledo Zoo, Toledo, Ohio. The photograph was taken on November 1, 1937. A group of women and children are standing in front of the building's entrance. Since its dedication in 1936, the Museum of Science has functioned as an educational center within the zoo. The Works Progress Administration (WPA) constructed several buildings at the zoo between 1934-1937. They include the museum, aquarium, reptile house, amphitheater, and aviary. The buildings mostly incorporated materials from demolished structures in the area: stone, brick, wood, timber, and copper. The Art Deco architecture shows Spanish and Moorish influence through such details as tiled roof, arches, and decorative elements. All of the WPA buildings, including the amphitheater, are still in use. The Toledo Zoo was founded in 1900. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: AL06202
Subjects: Science and Technology; Zoos; Museums; Toledo (Ohio); Education; Art Deco
Places: Toledo (Ohio); Lucas County (Ohio)