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Ohio Department of Industrial and Economic Development
Description: This image shows the facade of the Edwin Stanton Home in Steubenville, Ohio. Edwin McMasters Stanton (1814-1869) was the Secretary of War in the Lincoln administration during the American Civil War. Prior to the Civil War, Stanton had been a long time supporter of the Democratic Party. He was certain that Abraham Lincoln's election to the presidency would result in war. Stanton, however, supported the new Republican president's actions to keep the nation united. He even encouraged Lincoln to arm the slaves. Following the resignation of Simon Cameron as Secretary of War in January 1862, Lincoln appointed Stanton to the office. Stanton accepted and became one of Lincoln's closest advisors during the American Civil War. When Lincoln died in April 1865, Stanton was regarded as the informal president of the United States until Andrew Johnson was sworn into office. Stanton did not have a close relationship with Andrew Johnson. Stanton strongly supported civil rights legislation and Johnson was much more cautious on this issue. Johnson demanded Stanton's resignation, but the Secretary of War refused. Johnson fired Stanton in 1867. Johnson's actions angered many members of the Congress of the United States. Congress had approved the Tenure of Office Act, which required the president to have Congressional approval before removing cabinet officers. The act had been designed to protect Stanton. The House of Representatives impeached the president. The Senate then debated whether or not to remove Johnson from office. In a vote of thirty-five to remove the president and nineteen opposed, Johnson remained president. The vote fell one vote short of having the necessary number to remove Johnson. Hearing of the Senate's decision, Stanton immediately resigned as Secretary of War on May 26, 1868. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Stanton, Edwin McMasters, 1814-1869; Houses; Civil War 1861-1865
Places: Steubenville (Ohio); Jefferson County (Ohio)