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Baker Art Gallery
Description: The monument memorializing Camp Chase in Columbus, OH. The reason for Camp Chase being built was twofold, it was designated as a place for preparing enlisted men for war. In addition, Camp Chase served as a prison for various people who were either captured soldiers, or were confederate sympathizers. Camp Chase was no small prison either, estimates for the high point go as high as several thousand men kept in the camp in a cramped densely populated environment. The camp was by no means easy for those who were unfortunate to be captured and put in the prison. Infections spread quickly here in the rough cramped conditions, and it was not uncommon for large numbers of men to die from illness. Further complicating the entire situation was the inability of the Union to be able to consistently provide food to the inmates, supplies were scarce because of the war raging throughout the country. The structure shown in the picture was built to memorialize all those who had died in the camp. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Civil War--Prisoners and prisons; Civil War 1861-1865; Columbus (Ohio); Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery (Columbus, Ohio)
Places: Columbus (Ohio); Franklin County (Ohio); Ohio