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'Map of the Seat of War in North America' print
Description: This image is a reproduction of a military map created by cartographer John Melish and included in his "Military and Topographical Atlas of the United States Including the British Possessions and Florida" (published in 1813 and 1815). The visual components of Melish's atlas depict areas affected by the War of 1812, and the text vividly describes their geography. "Map of the Seat of War in North America" accompanies the atlas' first chapter, "Description of the Seat of War in North America." The map includes four of the Great Lakes in their entirety (only the tip of Lake Superior is represented); the St. Lawrence River and the Gulf of St. Lawrence; the Atlantic Ocean to the edge of Newfoundland and the tip of Delaware; "Upper" and "Lower Canada;" all or part of fifteen states (including Ohio); Michigan Territory; and the eastern edges of Illinois Territory and Indiana Territory. The map shows the mileage between cities, towns, and settlements. It also includes a table of population. Its dimensions are 21.5 x 15.5 inches. John Melish (1771-1822) was born in Scotland and apprenticed to a cotton maker. His job brought him to America at various times, and he settled permanently in Philadelphia in 1811. He wrote extensively of his travels in America during the early 19th century and became one of his adopted country's best cartographers during this period. His most famous map, published in 1816, depicted the United States from coast to coast. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Maps--United States; Historical map; Canada--Maps; Map drawing; Melish, John, 1771-1822
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