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Ohio General Assembly - House of Representatives
Description: This photograph is a formal portrait of Jefferson Stone Combs (1870-1946), a member of the 79th Ohio General Assembly House of Representatives (1911-1912). This photograph appears in the "Legislative Manual of the State of Ohio 1912." He was born in Leonardtown, Maryland, where he attended public schools. He worked as a businessman in Washington, D.C. and in Dayton, Ohio, before moving to Troy, Ohio, in 1898. There he began his association with Hobart Electric Manufacturing Company. He also was director of the First National Bank of Troy and a member of the city council. When he was elected to the Ohio General Assembly, Combs was the first Democratic representative from Miami County in 45 years. He died on Nov. 6, 1946 and was buried in Our Lady's Church at Medley's Neck Cemetery, Leonardtown, Maryland. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Legislators--Ohio; Ohio History--State and Local Government; Politicians; Ohio General Assembly House of Representatives; Miami County (Ohio)
Places: Miami County (Ohio)