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'Battle of Wild Cat' illustration
Description: Lithograph illustration of the 31st Regiment of the Ohio Volunteer Infantry at the Battle of Wild Cat, created from a sketch made on site by Alfred E. Mathews, a soldier in the regiment. The Battle of Wild Cat, also called Camp Wildcat or Wildcat Mountain, was one of the early battles and an early Union victory in the Civil War, taking place in Laurel County, Kentucky, on October 21, 1861. Numbers along the bottom of the illustration are labeled underneath the title, identifying specific units on both sides of the battle. Mathews (1831-1874) was born in Bristol, England, but moved with his family to settle in Rochester, Ohio, when he was two years old. He was working as a schoolteacher in Alabama when the Civil War broke out, and returned north to enlist in the 1st Ohio Artillery in August 1861. He later joined the 31st Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and fought in battles including Corinth, Stone River, Lookout Mountain and Missionary Ridge. During his three-year enlistment he drew numerous sketches of scenes he witnessed, which were made into lithographs and sold, including publication in Harper's Weekly. He moved west following the war and continued his work as an artist, until his sudden death at the age of 43. He is buried on his ranch near Longmount, Colorado. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Civil War 1861-1865; Battlefields; Soldiers; Union Army; Firearms; Military Ohio
Places: Kentucky