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Ohio commemorative Quarter Program Records
Description: This quarter design was done by a student named Deana. She writes: "I put 1803 because it was the year it became a state. I put 17th state because it was the 17th state. The flag on the coin is the state flag and the flower is the state flower. The coal is because Ohio produces coal. Columbus is Ohio's capitial [sic] and 1816 is when it became it's capitial [sic]. I put Moses Cleavand because he was one of the survaers [sic]." The front of the coin was to look like the other quarters. The reverse top reads Ohio 1803 and the bottom reads "Out of many, one". The design for the center of the coin was opened up to Ohioans to submit their design. Of the 7,000 designs received four were chosen by a vote of 40,000 people. The chosen designs were sent for the final decision. It had to be approved by Gov. Bob Taft, then sent to the United States Treasury Department for final approval. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Coins and money; Commemorations; United States Mint; State symbols
Places: Ohio