Slit trench in front of "Stalag 70" bunker   Save
Michael John Petrucci Collection
Description: Photograph showing a "slit trench" in front of a housing bunker known as "Stalag 70" at the First Marine Aircraft Wing Base near Pohang Dong, Korea, where PFC Michael Petrucci was stationed from 1953-1954. In the event of an attack, soldiers were to hit the trenches, then report to assigned duty as soon as possible. Petrucci was born August 9, 1930, in Youngstown, Ohio, where he grew up and attended school. Petrucci enlisted in the Marine Corps in July of 1952, and began basic training at Cherry Point Marine Base in North Carolina in August 1953. He received orders for overseas duty in May 1953, but when the United States and North Korea ended hostilities in July 1953, his transfer to Korea was halted. Petrucci was eventually sent to Korea in September 1953 and stationed at the First Marine Aircraft Wing base in the town of Pohang Dong, where he served until July 1954. By September 1954, Petrucci had returned to civilian life in Youngstown, Ohio. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: AL07488
Subjects: Ohio History--Military Ohio; Military life; United States Marine Corps; Korean War (1950-1953)
Places: Pohang Dong (Korea)