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Battleship Ohio
Description: Reproduction of a photograph depicting the USS Ohio, a Maine class BB-12 battleship, in dock in San Francisco Bay, ca. 1900-1909. She was laid down in 1899 and then commissioned in 1904. She served on the West Coast until 1905 when she became the flagship for the Asiatic Fleet, where she carried Secretary of War, William H. Taft, and President Theodore Roosevelt’s daughter, Alice, on an inspection tour through Chinese, Japanese, and Philippine waters. From 1907-1909 she toured the world with fifteen other battleships from the Atlantic Fleet, which became known as the Great White Fleet. This voyage, which stopped at six continents and was manned by 14,000 sailors, was ordered by President Theodore Roosevelt as a display of American naval power. When she returned in 1909, she served in the Atlantic with both combat and training duties. She was a training vessel during World War I out of Norfolk, Virginia. After the war, she was placed in reserve status in the Philadelphia Naval Yard, decommissioned in 1922, and sold for scrapping in March 1923. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Ships; Ohio History--Military Ohio; U.S. Navy
Places: San Francisco (California)