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Description: Hand drawn map of the Wyandot Reservation in the 19th century near Upper Sandusky, Ohio. The reservation has been blocked off in eight sections numbered with Roman numerals. On the map Wyandot is spelled 'Wyandott'. At the point where the IV, III, V, and VI sections meet is the town of Upper Sandusky. Members of the Wyandot tribe originally lived in southern Canada, but prior to European settlement they were driven south by the Iroquois. They settled in what is now northern Ohio in Wyandot, Marion, and Crawford Counties. The Wyandot tribe was forced to give up their reservation in 1842 and were forcibly removed to a reservation in Kansas the following year. They were the last American Indian tribe to leave Ohio. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: American Indian reservations--Ohio; Ohio History--Settlement and Early Statehood; Wyandot Indians--History; Upper Sandusky (Ohio)
Places: Upper Sandusky (Ohio); Wyandot County (Ohio)