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Thomas A. Hendricks birthplace
Description: Vice President Thomas A. Hendricks was born at this site on September 7, 1819, near Zanesville, Ohio. While still a baby, Thomas' family moved to Indiana and he grew up and rose to prominence in the Hoosier State. Hendricks served consecutively in the Indiana State Legislature and the U.S. House of Representatives during the late 1840s and the 1850s. From 1863 to1869, he was one of Indiana's U.S. Senators. Hoosiers elected Hendricks to serve as Indiana's sixteenth governor in 1872, making him the first Democrat to win that office in a northern state after the Civil War. In 1876, vice-presidential candidate Hendricks and his running mate, Samuel Tilden, lost the presidential election to Ohioan Rutherford B. Hayes. Hendricks joined Grover Cleveland on the Democratic party's presidential ticket in 1884 and won. Hendricks died in 1885, after serving only eight months as vice president. View on Ohio Memory.
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