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Roy Rogers
Description: A portrait of Roy Rogers, one of the most influential icons of American popular culture in the mid-20th century. Roy Rogers was born Leonard Franklin Sly on November 5, 1911 in Cincinnati , Ohio. He moved to this farm at age 8 from Portsmouth and lived here with his family until the Great Depression. He went to California in 1930, working as a truck driver, fruit picker, and country musician before signing a movie contract with Republic Pictures in 1937. Immediately popular, the clean-cut singing cowboy appeared in more than 100 western films, often making six or more movies a year during the 1940s. With his nearly equally-famous horse Trigger and his wife and partner Dale Evans-"the Queen of the West"-he subsequently starred in more than 100 television episodes of the family-oriented Roy Rogers Show from 1951 to 1957. A perennial hero and good guy, Rogers personified the mythical American cowboy who always fought fairly and lived by a strong moral code. He died in California on July 6, 1998. View on Ohio Memory.
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