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Adlai Stevenson II campaign photograph
Description: Photograph showing Adlai Stevenson (waving) standing with supporters at a political event. Standing on the far left is John Gilligan. In the presidential race of 1960, Stevenson lost the democratic bid to John F. Kennedy. John Gilligan started his political career in 1953 when he campaigned and won a seat in the Cincinnati City Council. Later, Gilligan ran for the United States House of Representatives and served for one term. However, he was not re-elected and suffered two more political defeats in running for the United States Senate. Despite these failed campaigns, Gilligan won the office of Governor of Ohio in 1971. He served as governor until 1975. During Gilligan's governorship, the state lottery started, the graduated state income tax was implemented, the voting age was lowered to eighteen, and the transportation infrastructure was improved. After his term, Gilligan focused his political efforts towards international development and also taught at the collegiate level. Influenced by her father's political career and ambitions, Kathleen Gilligan served as governor of Kansas from 2003 until 2009. Under President Barack Obama, she was appointed Secretary of Health and Human Services. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Stevenson II, Adlai, 1900-1965; Presidential campaigns; Governors;
Places: Cincinnati (Ohio); Hamilton County (Ohio)