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Description: Photograph showing a Dodge Stake parked in front of a dealership. According to the hand-written caption, the car was sold for $550.00 in 1925 at D.Q. Jennings Used Cars. The name of the dealership is advertised on a hanging sign in the background. The caption below the photograph reads: "1925 Dodge 3/4 Stake NO 3171 550.00." From the first Dodge Brothers automobile in 1914, the company was renowned for its durability and quality earning a strong reputation and good sales. Following the deaths of the Dodge brothers in 1921, Graham Brothers started selling 1.5-ton pickups through Dodge dealers. The Graham-bodied automobiles contained Dodge parts. A one-ton model showed up later in the 1920s, still powered by that same four cylinder engine, and Dodge Brothers bought a controlling interest in Graham Brothers in 1925, picking up the rest in 1926. In 1928, Chrysler acquired the Dodge Brothers company, just after launched its DeSoto and Fargo truck brands, both of which competed directly with Dodge Brothers. Fargo trucks sold in the US from 1928 through 1930, and continued for decades as an export brand. View on Ohio Memory.
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Places: Steubenville (Ohio); Jefferson County (Ohio);