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Emerson Opdycke Civil War Items
Description: Emerson Opdycke carried these items through the Civil War. The first image shows a bullet that was removed from his body. It measures .98 by .78 inches (2.5 by 2 cm). The second image is a silver-colored candlestick; it measures 2.3 by 3.42 inches (6 by 8.7 cm). The third image shows a brass belt buckle decorated with an eagle, laurels, and stars, measuring 2.91 by 2 inches (7.4 by 5.1 cm). The final image is of a brass uniform button that measures .59 by .9 inches (1.5 by 2.3 cm). Emerson Opdycke (1830-1884), a native of Trumbull County, enlisted as a private in the 41st Ohio Volunteer Infantry and was quickly promoted to captain. At the Battle of Shiloh, Opdycke, despite being wounded, picked up the regiment's fallen flag and led a charge that halted the Confederate advance. Governor Tod ordered Opdycke home, promoted him to colonel and asked him to recruit and command the 125th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Throughout the rest of the war, this unit was known for its courage and tenacity, earning the name "Opdycke's Tigers." View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Military Ohio; Civil War; 125th Ohio Volunteer Infantry (O.V.I.); Bullets; Candlesticks; Buckles
Places: Trumbull County (Ohio)