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Description: View of the "Ohio Monument" at the World's Fair Grounds in Chicago, Illinois, ca. 1893. The "My Jewels Monument," sometimes called "These Are My Jewels Statue," is located on the northwest corner of Capitol Square in Columbus, Ohio. Created by Levi T. Scofield (a Union officer who had previously created the epic Sailors and Soldiers Monument in Cleveland), the monument was exhibited by the state of Ohio at the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893, and then placed on its present site. Figures of Ulysses S. Grant, William T. Sherman, Philip H. Sheridan, Edwin M. Stanton, James A. Garfield, Salmon P. Chase, and Rutherford B. Hayes, Ohio soldiers and statesmen, surround a shaft topped by a statue of Cornelia, the Roman matron. Her words, "These Are My Jewels," stand out in relief at the top of the shaft. The line is taken from an anecdote from Roman history about Cornelia, a wealthy and respected Roman woman who considered her sons, Gaius and Tiberius, her jewels. The statue is meant to personify the state of Ohio by having Cornelia presenting to the nation in time of crisis the state's best and brightest sons to be used in the service of the war effort. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Memorials -- Ohio; Ohio Statehouse (Columbus, Ohio); Statues--Ohio; World's Columbian Exposition
Places: Chicago (Illinois); Columbus (Ohio); Franklin County (Ohio)