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Ohio History Connection Museum Collection
Description: Accessories which accompanied the "Miss Osaka Prefecture" doll, a "Japanese Friendship Doll" which represents a Japanese girl around seven years of age. The Committee on World Friendship Among Children of the Federal Council of the Church of Christ in America donated the "Miss Osaka Prefecture" doll and her accessories to the Ohio History Connection in 1929. Accessories pictured here include a laquered tray (H 83536), two kimono chests (H 83537 and H 83547), a set of bowls (H 83538, H 83541, H 83542, H 83543), a round tray (H 83545), miniature wooden trunks (H 83546.001 and H 83546.002), and a series of small boxes (H 83548, H 83549 and H 83550). This doll, along with 57 others known as "Japanese Friendship Dolls," were part of a goodwill exchange program between the United States and Japan during the late 1920s. This effort, spearheaded by Dr. Sidney Gulick, a former American missionary to Japan, and Japanese Viscount Eiichi Shibusawa, was intended to ease cultural tension between the two nations. The Japanese dolls represented different prefectures, cities and regions in that country, and were sent to various museums and libraries in the U.S. in response to an original gift of nearly 13,000 dolls sent from the U.S. to Japanese children in 1927. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: International relations; United States--Foreign relations--Japan; Dolls; Diplomacy
Places: Osaka (Japan); Ohio