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Annie Oakley photograph
Description: Annie Oakley, shown in this 4.3 by 6.25-inch (10.94 by 15.88 cm) cabinet card, was born in Darke County, Ohio in 1860. Her full name was Phoebe Anne Oakley Mozee. From a young age, she was exceptionally good at hitting targets with a rifle. In 1876 she married marksman and vaudeville star Frank Butler, who was also her manager. Oakley was a major attraction in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show from 1885 until 1902, touring the world demonstrating her marksmanship. Also known as "Little Miss Sure Shot," Oakley could shoot dimes out of the air at a distance of 90 feet. Although seriously injured in a train accident in 1901, Oakley recovered fully. She died in Dayton in 1926. Cabinet cards, first made in the late 1860s, are photographic portraits on cardboard similar to cartes de visite. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: Om1289_916200_011
Subjects: Ohio Women; Oakley, Annie, 1860-1926; Shooters of firearms; Sharpshooting
Places: Darke County (Ohio)