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Harry Kinley Collection
Description: Photograph titled "Camping with the Miners," showing a light-colored tent on grass in front of trees. Folding chairs are spread out under the trees and a hammock hangs between two of them. An open overhang is attached to the tent with a framed bed inside. The text on the side of the tent reads "Bungalo." The title may refer to Warren and Georgie Miner of Upper Sandusky, Ohio. Photograph from the collection of Harry Evan Kinley (1882-1969), a native of Upper Sandusky. Kinley was active in local events and organizations, and spent his professional career as a clerk at his father's store, and later as a traveling salesman for the Marion Paper & Supply Company (1934-1962). Kinley was also an avid lifelong photographer, and the bulk of the Harry Kinley Collection is comprised of glass plate negatives documenting the Kinley family, the city of Upper Sandusky and Wyandot County and surrounding areas. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: AV30_B04F02_45
Subjects: Camping; Tents; Sports and leisure
Places: Upper Sandusky (Ohio); Wyandot County (Ohio);