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Joseph Worley exercise book
Description: School exercise notebook of Joseph C. Worley (1824-1898), of Turtle Creek, Ohio, dated 1842. On the front end page, Worley indicates that he purchased the book for 62 1/2 cents on November 28, 1842. He would have been approximately 18 years old, and may have been in his final year of high school or his first year of college when he created this book. The exercise book includes arithmetic problems, geometrical calculations, geometry diagrams and extensive handwritten notes (including problems and examples) on mathematical topics including square and cube roots, calculation of area, volume, diameter and circumference, and the physics of falling bodies. He also includes practical calculations relating to roofing, and the work of "bricklayers, plasterers, joiners, painters, glaziers and masons." Worley completed the book in careful cursive lettering which appears similar to the Spencerian style of script. The volume is also separated into sections where he has used creative and decorative block letters to introduce new topics, and precise illustrations depict various shapes and figures throughout the book. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Mathematics; Schools--Ohio; Education; Students--Ohio; Penmanship; Drawings and graphics
Places: Turtle Creek (Ohio); Warren County (Ohio)