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Tom and Agnes Christopher Collection
Description: This hand-colored print produced by Nathaniel Currier, ca. 1845, titled 'The Prodigal Son Receiving His Patrimony,' depicts en elderly man and his two sons, dressed in 19th century American attire. A 19th century re-telling of the story of the prodigal son parable from the Bible, this scene depicts the younger son receiving his inheritance from his father; he then leaves, wastes all his money, and returns penniless. An excerpt from the parable, Luke 15:11-13, is transcribed at the bottom of the print and reads, "A certain man had two sons: And the younger of them said to his father, Father, give me the portion of goods that falleth to me. And he divided unto them his living. And not many days after, the younger son gathered all together, and took his journey into a far country." Beneath the image in the lower right corner is the address of the publisher which reads "152 Nassau St. Cor[ner] of Spruce N.Y.," and the text in the lower left corner reads "Lith. & Pub. By N. Currier." View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Cultural Ohio--Popular culture; Prints and printmaking; Biblical teachings; Fathers and sons
Places: New York (New York)