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Ohio History Connection Museum Collection
Description: Dated ca. 1813, this print titled 'Perry at the Battle of Lake Erie' shows a rowboat rowed by four men with a man and boy standing at the bow. In the background are several large ships. The text beneath the image on the lower right side reads "M. W. Baldwin" and the text on the left reads "J. E. Kelly." The Battle of Lake Erie took place on September 10, 1813, and Admiral Oliver Hazard Perry led the American fleet. Perry lost his flagship, the Lawrence, but continued the battle on the Niagara River. Commander Robert Heriot Barclay's surrender ended British control of the Great Lakes and allowed Perry to transport General William Henry Harrison's troops across Lake Erie to Canada. The War of 1812 ended in the northwest with the defeat of the British and American Indian troops at the Battle of the Thames. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: War of 1812; Prints and printmaking; Battle of Lake Erie; Ships; U.S. Navy
Places: Lake Erie