Frances Jennings Casement Speech Regarding Woman Suffrage   Save
Frances Jennings Casement Speech Regarding Woman Suffrage
Description: Suffragist Frances Jennings Casement delivered this speech at a Farmer's Institute in Lake County, Ohio. Titled "Why Farmers' Wives and All Other Women Should Have the Ballot," the handwritten speech is 19 pages and measures 7.5" x 10" (19.05 x 25.4 cm). Frances Jennings Casement (1840-1928) was born in Painesville, Ohio and graduated from Painesville Academy and Willoughby Female Seminary. Her father Charles Casement supported abolition and women's suffrage and encouraged Frances to be active in social causes. Frances Casement established the Painesville Equal Rights Association in 1883 and became involved in the Ohio Woman Suffrage Association, serving as its president from 1885 to 1888. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Civil Liberties; Ohio Women; Agriculture; Suffrage; Suffragists; Ohio League of Women Voters; Farmers' institutes
Places: Painesville (Ohio); Lake County (Ohio)