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J. B. Holgate Letter Regarding the Ohio-Michigan Boundary Dispute
Description: J. B. Holgate wrote this letter to his father telling him about the celebration in Manhattan, Ohio (near Toledo) that followed the settlement of the Ohio-Michigan boundary dispute in 1836. Holgate complains that he did not get to sleep until three in the morning due to the celebrations. According to Holgate, citizens were shooting guns and rockets until 10 P.M. and continued their celebration in the tavern where he was staying until the early morning. The boundary dispute between Ohio and the Michigan Territory arose in 1835. The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 established a northern boundary that would have made much of northwest Ohio, including the important port city of Toledo, part of Michigan. Several subsequent surveys produced conflicting results. Congress ordered a new survey to establish Ohio's state line north of Toledo in 1835. Governor Lucas and Michigan Territory Governor Stephens Mason sent militiamen to the disputed area. Before any blood was shed, President Jackson resolved the dispute by promising that Congress would study the matter. Eventually, Congress decided to maintain the 1835 survey line, giving Ohio Toledo. In compensation, Congress awarded Michigan its Upper Peninsula. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Ohio Government; Military Ohio; Celebrations; Ohio--Boundaries--Michigan
Places: Manhattan (Ohio); Toledo (Ohio); Lucas County (Ohio)