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Oversize Manuscript/Audiovisual Collection
Description: Poetic New Year's address and advertisement from the publishers of the Triweekly Westbote and Familienfreund newspaper, written in German, including a calendar for 1888, and advertising (in English) the English and German printing capabilities of the company. The address for the Westbote Company is given as 180 South High Street in Columbus, Ohio. Running from 1843 to 1918 in Columbus, Der Westbote served German Democrats both in and out of the state. Its early history was not an easy one, as both Democrats and Germans were in the minority in Columbus, but after overcoming these challenges, the paper and its influence grew rapidly. By 1915, circulation had reached 15,000, and some referred to the Westbote as the “Democratic Bible.” It opposed constitutional monarchies and both slavery and abolitionists. Among its editors and owners were Friedrich Fieser, Jacob and Friedrich Reinhard, Leonhard Hirsch and Charles F. Gerhold. Germans living in Columbus, especially those on the south side in the German Village neighborhood, found the Westbote particularly important as it helped connect them to both their new and old homes by printing local items and news from abroad in their native language. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Newspapers; German Americans; Advertisements; Holidays; New Years
Places: Columbus (Ohio); Franklin County (Ohio);