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Description: Dated ca. 1900, this is a colorful trading card advertising Hoyt's German Cologne. The card features a little girl leaning on a red cloth with yellow roses draped over it. The advertisement reads "Perfumed with Hoyt's German Cologne, the most fragrant and lasting of all perfumes, " "Use Rubifoam for the teeth. Deliciously flavored." The trading card prices the cologne at 25 cents for a trial size bottle, 50 cents for medium, and $1.00 for a large bottle, and the Rubifoam at 25 cents a bottle. The lower right corner reads "Copyrights 1891." The reverse has a tiny calendar for each of the twelve months, with a house and a pond in the background. The bottom of the card reads "Hoyt's German Cologne has been known for over twenty years as the most fragrant and lasting of all perfumes. Do not confound it with the numerous trashy perfumes that usurp its name, or style of bottle. Refuse substitutes. Trial size 25 cents, medium size 50 cents, large bottle $1.00. Put up by E.W. Hoyt & Co. Lowell, Mass. U.S.A. Manufacturers of Rubifoam for the teeth." A stamp below reads "C.M. Wyrick, Apothecary, Belmont St., Also Gravel Hill, Bellaire, O." View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Cosmetics industry; Advertising and promotions; Perfumes; Health and hygiene; Bellaire (Ohio)
Places: Bellaire (Ohio); Belmont County (Ohio)