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Description: Dated ca. 1900, this trade card advertises Austen's 'Forest [and] Flower' Cologne sold by Wemple B. Company in New York. The colorful card features a young lady wearing a hat over her blonde curls. The reverse of the card reads "Austen's Forest Flower Cologne. The most fashionable perfume of the day. It possesses that rare and indescribable quality so much admired by persons of refined and cultivated taste, a matchless combination of odors, forming a most wonderfully lasting bouquet. No individual odor predominating over others. Price-25 cts. per Bottle. Large Bottles 75 cts. Sold by all druggists and fancy goods dealers throughout the country. Manufactured by W.J. Austen, Oswego, N.Y. Wholesale Agents, William M. Wilson & Co., Philadelphia, Pa. For sale by S.Q. Hamilton & Co., Bellaire, Ohio. A perfumed Japanese Handkerchief furnished with a bottle of Forest Flower Cologne." View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Cosmetics industry; Advertising and promotions; Perfumes; Health and hygiene; Bellaire (Ohio)
Places: Bellaire (Ohio); Belmont County (Ohio)