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Description: Dated ca. 1900, this is a colorful trade card advertising Hoyt's German Cologne. The card features pink roses with a young girl's head in the central flower with the caption "Hoyt's German Cologne." The reverse reads "Hoyt's German Cologne. The most Fragrant and Lasting of all Perfumes. Beware of counterfeits and imitations. We put up no article of perfumery excepting Hoyt's German Cologne; any other preparation represented as coming from us is an imposition and a fraud. Ask for Hoyt's German Cologne, and before purchasing see that the name is blown in the bottle, the signature of the proprietors printed in red ink across the label, and as an additional guarantee of genuineness, observe our private United States Revenue Stamp over the cork. Trial Size, Price 25 cents; Large Bottles, $1.00. E.W. Hoyt & CO., Proprietors, Lowell, Mass. for sale by Husbands & Inskeep, 308 Union and 1125 Belmont Sts., South Bellaire, Ohio, dealers in drugs, patent medicine, chemicals, fancy and toilet articles, brushes, perfumery, &c., &c." View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Cosmetics industry; Advertising and promotions; Perfumes; Health and hygiene; Bellaire (Ohio)
Places: Bellaire (Ohio); Belmont County (Ohio)