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Birth announcement greeting card
Description: Dated 1883, this is a birth announcement for Helen V. Sanders of Bellaire, Ohio, born October 1883, which is handwritten on the right side of the card. The card features a drawing of a stork bird delivering a baby in its beak to a house, with the viewer looking from inside the house to the outside. There is a narrative at the bottom of the card authored by Geo. (George) Macdonald which reads "Where did you come from, Baby dear?, 'Out of the Everywhere into the Here.' But how did you come to us, you Dear?, 'God thought of you, and so I am here!'" View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: VFM5933_07
Subjects: Greeting cards; Infants; Birds; Children--Ohio
Places: Bellaire (Ohio); Belmont County (Ohio)