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Description: Harry Dague of Newton (now Raymond), Ohio kept this diary of events in Newton, Marysville, and the surrounding area. He provides information on births and deaths of residents and daily activities. Among the topics included in this selection of the diary, are election day in Newton, baseball games against teams from other Ohio cities, a Prohibition convention, and Christmas day festivities that included a shooting match followed by dinner and dancing at the Methodist Episcopal church. Dague also comments on local, state, and national politics, giving information on both Democratic and Republican conventions. Dague was a farmer and merchant and most entries include the weather status. The diary is 261 pages and measures 8" x 12" ( 20.32 x 30.48 cm). The first 18 pages, which include entries from March 8, 1884 to January 9, 1885, are included here. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Daily Life; Arts and Entertainment; Civil Liberties; Presidents and Politics; Agriculture; Climate and Weather; Religion in Ohio; Election Day; Baseball; Holidays; Prohibition
Places: Newton (Ohio); Raymond (Ohio); Marysville (Ohio); Union County (Ohio)