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Lorain Tornado Collection
Description: Picture postcard showing the ruins of the State Theater in Lorain, Ohio, following the devastating tornado of June 28, 1924. The caption reads "100 people killed. 'Sacrifice' was being played on the piano." Despite the figure on the postcard, there were 15 confirmed dead after the theater was crushed by a seven-story building next door which collapsed. The property would later be razed on June 30, 1924. The deadliest tornado in Ohio history struck Lorain and Sandusky on Saturday, June 28, 1924. This was not the largest or strongest tornado to occur in Ohio, but the violent storm struck an urban center where thousands of people were put at risk. There were 85 fatalities, 72 of which occurred in Lorain. The Lorain Tornado formed over Sandusky Bay and passed eastward, striking the northern edge of Sandusky at 4:35 PM. One hundred homes and 25 businesses were destroyed in the town, and there were eight deaths. The tornado continued over Lake Erie before coming ashore at the Lorain Municipal Bath House in Lakeview Park. Buildings were damaged for 35 blocks along Broadway and at least 200 automobiles were buried in bricks and other debris. More than 1,000 homes were damaged and 500 destroyed in Lorain. All downtown businesses sustained some damage. The death toll of 15 in the State Theater is the most ever killed by a tornado in one building in Ohio. Dozens of doctors and hundreds of nurses arrived in Lorain Saturday night from Cleveland to attend to the injured. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Tornadoes--Ohio; Tornado damage; Natural disasters; Climate and Weather;
Places: Lorain (Ohio); Lorain County (Ohio)