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Sons of Temperance Black Book
Description: A bound, handwritten booklet assembled by the Sons of Temperance, Capital Division, Columbus, Ohio, January 1, 1847. The title page reads, "Black Book Containing a list of those Expelled from Capital, and other Divisions." The book lists each person's name, age, occupation, residence, division expelling and the cause for expulsion. Among the reasons for expulsion listed are "non-payment of dues," immoral conduct" or "violation article 2 Const." Article 2 of the group's constitution reads, "No brother shall make, buy, sell, or use, as a beverage, any Spirituous or Malt Liquors, Wine or Cider." The Sons of Temperance was a men's organization founded in 1842 in support of the temperance movement which also offered its members mutual aid in cases of family death or illness. The Capital Division appears to be the chapter for Columbus membership in the organization. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Temperance--History; Men--Ohio--Societies and clubs; Alcohol; Fraternal organizations
Places: Columbus (Ohio); Franklin County (Ohio)