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Ohio History Connection Museum Collection
Description: This handmade two-wheeled cart used for sharpening knives and scissors was made in Chicago, Illinois, around 1910. The wooden frame is painted green and sits on two red wheels. Two handles at one end have a striped cloth seat between them. The top of the machine has several grinding stones on a metal rod. Wrapped around the rod is a belt attached to a large wheel in the center of the cart, which is operated by several foot pedals at the base. The cart was originally owned by Vincenzo Fabrizio, an Italian immigrant in Chicago. Fabrizio arranged for his nephew, Florindo DiPinto, to immigrate to the United States in 1913 when DiPinto was 17 years old. DiPinto learned the sharpening and grinding craft from his uncle on this cart. With this grinding cart, DiPinto sharpened such things as razors, knives, scissors, swords, saws, hedge trimmers and lawnmower blades. After a year, DiPinto purchased this cart from his uncle. In 1917, DiPinto moved to Youngstown from Chicago with this sharpening machine and pursued his trade there. In 1927, DiPinto moved to Cleveland with this machine and stayed active with it until his retirement in 1961. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Multicultural Ohio--Ethnic Communities; Immigrants--Ohio; Tools and equipment; Immigration and Ethnic Heritage;
Places: Youngstown (Ohio); Mahoning County (Ohio); Cleveland (Ohio); Cuyahoga County (Ohio)