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Description: This political cartoon of President Lyndon B. Johnson compares the determination of Johnson to get a Civil Rights Bill passed in Congress to General Ulysses S. Grant's efforts to win the Civil War. President Johnson continued President Kennedy's work on civil rights legislation after his assassination. The 1964 Civil Rights Act made racial discrimination illegal in public places such as theaters, restaurants and hotels, and also required employers to provide equal employment opportunities. Projects involving federal funds could now be cut off if there was evidence of discrimination based on color, race or national origin. The Civil Rights Act also attempted to deal with the problem of African Americans being denied the vote in the Deep South. The legislation stated that uniform standards must prevail for establishing the right to vote. Schooling to sixth grade constituted legal proof of literacy and the attorney general was given power to initiate legal action in any area where he found a pattern of resistance to the law. View on Ohio Memory.
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