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'American Guide Week' poster
Description: This poster advertises "American Guide Week," taking place November 10th to 16th of an unspecified year. American Guide Week celebrated the efforts of the Federal Writers' Project, a Works Progress Administration agency designed to give work to white-collar workers during the Great Depression under the umbrella of President Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal. The Federal Writers' Project worked on a variety of publications, but is best known today for the project celebrated by this poster, the American Guide Series. As the poster notes, the American Guide Series aimed to describe America to Americans, state by state. Employees with the Federal Writers' Project worked to create a guidebook for each state, as well as guidebooks for many more defined areas such as cities, highway routes (such as Route One), and specific rural areas (such as Lima and Allen County, Ohio). View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Works Progress Administration; Federal Writers' Project; American Guide series; Tourism;
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