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Henry H. McPherson Papers
Description: A variety of records regarding James and Henry McPherson's land grants within the Seneca reservation as provided in the treaties of St. Mary's and Lewistown. The documents include an affidavit from James McPherson in which he chooses a section of land as laid out the 1817 Treaty of St. Mary's. The second image is a plat of the area showing James and Henry McPherson's land claims. In regards to Henry McPherson's claim of a full section of 640 acres, the documents include a copy of deed from the Seneca Nation for a half-section of land, and a draft of a letter from Henry McPherson to General Joseph Vance in support of his claim to a full section. It appears that these white men were granted land within the area reserved to the Seneca by the Treaty of St. Mary's and the Treaty of Lewistown. Apparently, the tribe granted them land in recognition of their friendship for, and service to, the Seneca. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Ohio History--Settlement and Early Statehood; Treaties; Land records; Seneca Tribe;
Places: Lewistown (Ohio); Logan County (Ohio)