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OARBAC Spirit of Ohio Bicentennial Photo Contest Collection
Description: Photograph showing a crowd gathered as a flag is raised during the Founder's Day celebration in Ohio Village at the Ohio History Center, October 17, 1976. The image was submitted by photographer Lucia Mercer of Columbus, Ohio, in the Amateur category of the Spirit of Ohio Bicentennial Photo Contest. In August 1976, the Ohio American Revolution Bicentennial Advisory Committee (OARBAC) began the Spirit of Ohio Bicentennial Photo Contest as part of a larger effort in Ohio to celebrate the 1976 American Bicentennial. The contest was meant to document "the spirit and character of the people and places which represent Ohio during [the] bicentennial year," and to create a permanent photographic archive of the year's festivity for use by future researchers. Both professional and amateur photographers submitted over 500 photographs for consideration, all taken within the state between January 1 and December 31, 1976. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: SA2734AV_B02F103_01_01
Subjects: American Revolution Bicentennial (1976); Celebrations; Flag raising and lowering; Ceremonies; Ohio Village (Ohio History Connection)
Places: Columbus (Ohio); Franklin County (Ohio)