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Description: This kit was designed and manufactured by the D.E.S. Corporation of Newark, Ohio. It is intended to help the user survive the first 24 hours of a nuclear war by providing supplies that will allow him or her to reach a shelter without becoming contaminated by radiation. The promise: "You can survive if you stay alive." The kit includes a cloth mask to be worn over the mouth and nose, a plastic fallout coat, and plastic bags to wear over the shoes. These materials should be worn over one's clothing so that any fallout particles would collect on them. The kit also includes a water bag and halazone tablets for water purification, to keep the survivor hydrated until he or she could reach a shelter. When the survivor reached a shelter, he or she would remove their coverings and wash off any remaining fallout with the included Cashmere Bouquet soap and paper towel. The kit also contains a water bag and water purification tablets, and ration bars of Hershey's Tropical Chocolate, so that the survivor will have the energy to reach a shelter. The existence of this kit indicates the numerous business opportunities created by American concerns over security and safety during the Cold War. Included with the kit is a promotional sheet and an instructional booklet. The plastic red case has a carrying strap and a zipper opening at the top, the face mask is white cloth, the hooded coat is plastic and light purple, the water bag is made of tan card stock with a white twine tie and a clear plastic vial with Halazone tablets attached, the chocolate bars are made by Hershey with "Tropical" printed on the wrappers, the soap has its original packaging "Cashmere Bouquet", the foot coverings are clear plastic bags with white twine at the top for tightening. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Daily Life; Business and Labor; Cold War; Civil defense; Nuclear fallout; Nuclear weapons; Atomic bomb
Places: Newark (Ohio); Licking County (Ohio)