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Aaron Miller diary
Description: Aaron Miller (1784-1872) kept this diary while traveling through Ohio and Indiana looking for land suitable for growing wheat and for relocating his family from Virginia. He includes information on the geography and natural resources of the areas he visits, as well as information about costs and arability of land. In the entry dated May 28th, he discusses purchasing his new farm in Highland County. While in Madison County, Miller remarks on the vast prairie that covered the area, describing it as a "level plain grass where you can see as far as your eyes will carry you." The journal includes 57 written pages, and appears to start with the date "April 31st" (1832). View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Land settlement--Ohio; Agriculture; Geography and Natural Resources; Travel
Places: Belmont County (Ohio); Guernsey County (Ohio); Zanesville (Ohio); Muskingum County (Ohio); Newark (Ohio); Licking County (Ohio); Columbus (Ohio); Franklin County (Ohio); Madison County (Ohio); Champaign County (Ohio); Miami County (Ohio); Virginia