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Description: This twenty-six-page pamphlet, published by the National Cash Register Company (NCR) in Dayton, Ohio, describes worker benefit programs during the 1920s. John Paterson, NCR president, developed a corporate philosophy that improving the general welfare of employees was the duty of management and was also good business. The pamphlet cover is a foldout; inside the cover is a color summary of the various benefit programs designed to promote a productive, efficient workforce. Continuing education programs, gardening and general health, safety, and general economic security were all concerns of the company. The employee welfare programs and the history behind them is developed in the subsequent pages. The pamphlet is 5.25" x 10.625" (13.34 x 26.99 cm ) with the cover 10.755" (27.305cm) wide when unfolded. John H. Patterson founded the National Cash Register Company in Dayton, Ohio. Patterson (1844-1922), hoping the machines could save him money by reducing accounting errors in his supply business, purchased the patent rights to the cash register from James Ritty in 1884. Within six months, he reduced his debt and showed a profit. Patterson built the first National Cash Register factory on his family farm in Dayton in 1888. By the turn of the century, the company had become one of the largest employers in Dayton. Known for his strict training program for salespeople and health and education programs for employees, Patterson was closely involved in the daily lives of many of his employees. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Business and Labor; National Cash Register Company; NCR Corporation; Factories; Employees
Places: Dayton (Ohio); Montgomery County (Ohio)